Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Do you ever just feel overwhelmed? I'm sure you do! It's part of human nature, right?!

The problem with me feeling overwhelmed, though, is that I create it all myself. I create my own chaos! And my stress. And my anxieties.

I've been working very hard to come with a system to stay organized and make sure I get the things done that I want to accomplish. But either I'm awful with time management, having a baby in the house slows me down tremendously, and/or I just have too much that I want to do. It's probably all three.

Currently, I want to....

  • Be the best Mom I can be, 24/7/365.
  • Capture, record, remember, and enjoy all moments, large and small, with our daughter.
  • Learn photography (just bought a Nikon D5200!)
    • So that I can take beautiful pictures of our daughter
    • Take great pictures for my Etsy shop (which I need to do a lot of work on!)
    • Take inspiring/eye-catching photos for this blog
  • Grow this blog so that people follow me-
    • I want to inspire others
    • I want to relate and connect with others
    • I want to inform others with topics that I find interesting
    • I would love to generate some sort of revenue since I stay at home, but I don't know how to do this and know that I am a far way away from that.
  • Develop my Etsy shop to support the activities that I love doing and perhaps provide some stream of income into our household
  • Maintain financial literacy education, make smart financial moves
    • Continue working on and sticking to budget---- we just started our third month of using YNAB and love it!
    • Continue to save for retirement and learn which investing vehicles are best for us
    • Save for college
    • Make sure buying a house is right for us, do renovations only within our budget and that will add value to the house
    • Learn how to invest money
    • Continue saving for a rainy day and for vacations in the future when our kid(s) are older
  • Continue all crafts that I am already involved in and continue to learn others
    • Three cross-stitch projects
    • Crochet another blanket
    • Crochet a birthday present for sister
    • Make an stuffed elephant taggie for daughter
    • Learn to quilt
    • Learn to machine embroider
    • Learn to make a small quilt for when daughter can have a blanket in bed
  • Buy a house
  • Plan renovations and decorations for said home
  • Find a way to organize my time so that I can keep up on housecleaning and cooking, so that everything gets done and it's not a huge job at any one time
  • Try to find time to keep reading... my first passion and hobby, and the one that keeps getting pushed back since it's for when I have time to "not do anything"
  • Try to find more time to relax with hubby. He not only commutes over 3 hours a day, but just got approved for overtime, so he's working 10 hour days. It's tough.

While I definitely can't work on all of this list at once, I keep jumping around. And I'm just feeling frazzled. If anyone has any tips or input on how to handle everything that you want to do, please leave me a comment- I'd love to chat! Even if you just want to let off a little steam about how much you have to do! 

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