Monday, December 9, 2013

Goals and Resolutions

I think before I really attempt to get this blog going I should set some goals and resolutions for what I want to do and what I want to gain from this experience, besides I love lists. By laying it all out, I am more likely to follow through with what I set out to do. Hopefully anyone who reads this blog can also hold me accountable to my goals.

My goals and resolutions form two different aspects of my blog. My goals will have concrete tasks that can be accomplished and checked off a list. They are things that I want to do to achieve my vision for this space and my daily life. My resolutions, on the other hand, are ideals that I will continue to work towards but may not have set steps that can be finished. My resolutions will be more ongoing and less tangible in the physical sense.


~Post 2-3 times weekly
~Try out a new recipe at least once a month
~Review at least book a month

~Take monthly pictures
~Record special moments- big and small

~Set up a budget
~Prioritize saving
~Learn about IRAs, 401ks, 529s, investment options
~Begin process for buying a house

~Continue to learn to quilt
~Try knitting
~Finish baby's cross-stitch
~Re-start etsy shop
~Try crocheting a baby hat

~Start Zumba exercises
~Lose at least the ten extra pounds left from pregnancy weight

~Continue reading baby-related books to gain new perspectives/ideas
~Read "for fun" books to give myself a break/stress-relief
~Read classics for the fun of it, even if they are denser than fluff books


~Place importance on achieving happiness in daily life- focus on both the here and now as well as working for the future
~Enjoy the present, it will never happen again
~Appreciate all that my husband does for us

I'll try to add more to this throughout the month, I would like to have a cohesive, inclusive list set for the new year.

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