Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Earlier this month was my husband's birthday. The big quarter-of-a-century birthday! Yikes. It's weird, some days we feel old and others we still feel like kids. Anyways, for his birthday he wanted a Mexican Chocolate cake. I've never made one before, so it was off to google to find a splendid recipe! 

I found a yummy one on allrecipes, found here. My only changes were that I used butter, not margarine. I also made my own sour milk (milk plus a little apple cider vinegar). I baked the cake in two round pans and they did need to bake a little longer than the stated 25-30 minutes.

I iced it with a good ole' chocolate buttercream frosting, per hubby's request.

Can you see a theme going here? In our family, he's the chocolate addict! 

Rachael enjoyed seeing the candles and watching everyone gather around and sing. Give it another couple (or 7ish) months, and she'll be enjoying her own cake! 

I hope you'll give this recipe a try next time you have a chocolate craving! It's a keeper for us! :)

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