Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Old Blog

I thought before I keep progressing in this blog, I'd let anyone know who is reading this that I use to have an old blog, which is still up. It was called By the By Books. I started a new one because I wanted to branch out from just focusing on books. Please feel free to check it out, I have lots of book reviews on there from the past several years. 

I started that blog during my last year in college. My last semester was fairly easy, I think I only had 12 credits, and three of those were my research credits and thesis writing. I wanted to start doing something for myself as a new challenge. I was applying to graduate school, but since I graduated after a fall semester (I graduated one semester early), I knew I'd have several months to fill before starting grad school. I ended up not going to grad school, but I enjoyed continuing my blog and connecting with other readers over the years. Eventually I stopped posting, but still enjoyed getting a few comments here and there as readers stumbled across it.  

If you do stop in to take a look, please comment and just say hi! I'd love to start talking about any book or life in general :)

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